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We are excited to announce the start of our first specialty group designed for educators.  We have reviewed the current research on workplace stress for educators, and we have conducted local research of our own.  Because educators are infused in every facet of our lives, we feel compelled to respond to the call for an undeniable need within our community.  Overwhelmingly, educators feel they can benefit from attending a group created specifically for their needs.  The group is designed to meet the members "where they are" in their professional and personal lives.  The moderator will assess and address interacting commonalities and factors that lead to deteriorating emotional and mental health.  Paula McCarther, LCSW will moderate the group.  Paula spent 23 years as Director of School-based Services for the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS).  She worked directly with educators and administrators to address complex issues involving personnel, students, and parents.  Her skills and years of experience contribute to an understanding of the interrelated issues that can adversely affect staff within the school system.  Moreover, she has been successful in helping educators and administrators  understand the dynamics of the adverse interrelated issues and to incorporate healthy practices into their professional and personal lives. 


We are happy to welcome Kelly Sherman-Hester, LCSW and Jessamine "Lisa" Yocum, LCSW to our group of dedicated therapists and counselors.  Both will be joining our group in March of 2019.  They have been attending our regular meetings and acquainting themselves with staff and the IRC atmosphere.  Stay tuned for updated profiles in our "Meet Our Staff" section!